GMEA Middle School Concert Festival Literature

A brief review of many of the compositions on the GMEA middle school level LGPE required list.

GMEA Grade 1

Chant & Celebration - Sandy Feldstein & John O'Reilly
Chorale & Caprice - James Curnow
Clouds - Anne McGinty
Dance Celebration - Robert W. Smith
Rising Star - Samuel R. Hazo
Riverbend Rhapsody - David Shaffer
Strange Pursuit - Ralph Ford
The Sword of Lancelot - John Moss
The Tenth Planet - Michael Story
Woodland Odyssey - Michael Sweeney

GMEA Grade 2

Abington Ridge - Ed Huckeby
African Festival - Quincy Hilliard
Apollo Fanfare - Robert W. Smith
As Winds Dance - Samuel R. Hazo
By Dawn's Early Light - David Shaffer
Dorian Dreamscape - Robert Sheldon
Evening Prayer - David Shaffer
A Mighty Fortress - John Edmondson
The Tempest - Robert W. Smith
Zeal - Rob Grice

GMEA Grade 3

Abracadabra - Frank Ticheli
Anthem For Winds & Percussion - Claude T. Smith
Aventura - James Swearingen
Celebration for Winds & Percussion - James Swearingen
A Childhood Hymn - David R. Holsinger
Equinox - Ed Huckeby
Fanfare for the Third Planet - Richard L. Saucedo
Invicta - James Swearingen
Rites of Tamburo - Robert W. Smith
Wood County Celebration - John O'Reilly

GMEA Grade 4

Adagio - David Holsinger
Awakening Hills - Richard L. Saucedo
Blue Lake Reflections - Ed Huckeby
Cajun Folk Songs - Frank Ticheli
Falcon Attack - David R. Holsinger
In Heaven's Air - Samuel R. Hazo
Journey Into Diablo Canyon - David Shaffer
On An American Spiritual - David R. Holsinger
River of Life - Steven Reineke
Where Eagles Soar - Steven Reineke

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In partial fulfillment of the Masters of Music in Conducting degeree from the American Band College of Sam Houston State University